Store test for employment

1. how many grams in a pound
2. How many grams in an ounce
3. How many grams in an eighth
4. What is 25% of 8.50$
5. If you’re supposed to be somewhere at 8 AM what time is on time
6. What effects does indica have 
7. What effects does sativa have
8. What does hybrid mean
9. What is CBC 
10. What is CBN
11. What is CBG
12. what is CBD
13. What is THC
14. What is THCV
15. What is THCA
16. In a small paragraph explain what you know about terpenes
17. Years of experience with marijuana
18. How do you count back a customers change?
19. You realized you over charged a customer, what do you do?
20. A customer says you received a $20, but you know it was a 10, what do you say?
21. How do you handle an angry customer?
22. Is the customer always right? Explain?
23. Why do you want to work in the marijuana industry?
24. What are your strengths?
25. What are your areas of development?
26. Why do I want to hire you?