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What Is CBD and How Is It Useful?
December 9, 2021
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Choosing the Right Cannabis Product For You
April 22, 2022

Getting a good night’s rest is one of the most important things you can do for your health. Unfortunately, insomnia is common and affects millions of people worldwide, and most prescription drugs have terrible side effects. There are many reasons why someone might not be able to sleep well at night, but there are also ways that you can help yourself out. Although more research needs to be done, cannabis has been shown to offer an all-natural solution that doesn’t cause drowsiness or grogginess, making it a good option for people suffering from insomnia. As a medical marijuana dispensary, we know how intimidating and overwhelming cannabis can be for newbies. If you’re suffering from insomnia and are new to marijuana, here’s some information we hope you might find helpful.

What Is Medical Marijuana?

Medical marijuana is just a term used to describe derivatives made and used to ease symptoms caused by various medical conditions. These derivatives are extracted and created out of the cannabis Sativa plant.

Is Medical Marijuana Legal In the United States?

Despite the growing acceptance of medical marijuana, there is still a lot of confusion about how to use it and how it works. With growing evidence that cannabis provides relief to numerous medical conditions, marijuana is becoming legal in a growing number of states, but the federal government still considers it illegal. The conflict between state and federal laws has created confusion for both patients and doctors. Be sure to check in with your local and state laws regarding marijuana before purchasing.

What Forms Does Medical Marijuana Come In?

Medical marijuana can come in many different forms. The form you choose will most likely depend on your preference. Various forms of medical marijuana might vary in effects, response time, and possible side effects, so be sure to ask your dispensary before purchasing.

Medical marijuana can be:

  1. Smoked
  2. Eaten (edibles, pills etc.)
  3. Taken as a liquid extract
  4. Vaporized

Can Cannabis Really Help With Insomnia?

Insomnia is a common sleep disorder that affects millions of people each year. It can make it difficult to get enough quality rest regularly and may lead to other health problems if left untreated. In addition to the physical symptoms, insomnia can be an incredibly frustrating condition for those who suffer from it. People living with this problem often feel helpless as they try everything from counting sheep to taking sleeping pills in order to fall asleep at night only to wake up feeling more tired than before they went off into dreamland.

Cannabis sativa has been used for centuries by many cultures worldwide as a natural treatment for various conditions, including anxiety and insomnia. Researchers have found that marijuana can improve sleep in those who suffer from insomnia. The main active ingredient in cannabis, THC, binds to receptors in the brain responsible for regulating relaxation and sleepiness. This process helps individuals with insomnia fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer through the night by restoring their natural sleep cycle.

3 Tips on Using Medical Marijuana to Treat Your InsomniaMedical Marijuana Dispensary Portland

If you’ve been recently advised by a medical professional to use marijuana as a sleep aid, here are some tips on how to use it safely and correctly:

Make sure you’re buying the right cannabis strain

The world of cannabis is confusing. There are so many different strains and products that it can be hard to navigate. Most people don’t know what strain of marijuana is suitable for their sleeping problems, as not all strains of cannabis are the same. Different cannabis strains have different effects on the human body. Your local medical marijuana dispensary will be able to help you navigate through choosing the correct strain for your desired outcome and condition.

Avoid mixing cannabis with additional sleep aids

Many people who struggle with insomnia have tried over-the-counter sleep aids. Sleeping pills can be addictive, and they don’t work for everyone. You should never mix medical marijuana with other sleeping aids such as opioids and other sleeping pills. Combining medical marijuana with other sleep aids is dangerous because it can lead to increased drowsiness the next day, which may impair your ability to drive safely or operate heavy machinery.

Incorporate a good sleeping schedule

Although the symptoms of insomnia can be managed with medication, these drugs have side effects and may become addictive. They also don’t address the root cause of your problem, which is poor sleep habits. Although medical marijuana can help you get the rest you need and improve your quality of life, you should also incorporate a good sleeping schedule and a nightly routine.

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