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When you’re looking for a local cannabis store and dispensary in NE Portland, locals want to find everything you need right in one place. CannaSource established itself as a leading pot shop in patient care. We work with a large number of different customers. Patients all have unique needs. There is one thread they share though; they need a dispensary in NE Portland where they can acquire independently tested, high-quality products that meet their needs.

Get the products You Want and the Knowledgeable Staff to Help You

We pride ourselves on having a knowledgeable staff, friendly atmosphere, and extensive product line. A great dispensary in North East Portland is more than its component pieces. Clients rely on our expertise and medical marijuana specialists to help them find the right medication for their conditions. Medicinal options like those we provide are gaining continual traction. We frequently help patients utilizing conventional therapeutic methods in addition to our natural medical options. With research continually identifying new uses and compound benefits in the products we carry, we’ll continue to keep a robust line of goods for every patient.

Your Friendly Argay Neighborhood Dispensary

We are located in the beautiful Argay neighborhood just south of Government Island. Our shop is just off of NE 148th Ave, and we are just a short walk from Argay City Park.  That puts us in a great access point for patients from our neighbors to the north. NE Marine Dr. turns onto 148th, and that makes for a gorgeous drive by the Columbia. We carry products from producers and distributors throughout Oregon and Washington. Some of our products are even created right here in Portland! We value our neighbors, and we want to help you find the right medicinal or recreational marijuana products for your needs. Whether you just finished a run on the Columbia Slough Trail or just want to experience one of the best local dispensaries in NE Portland, stop in. We’re always happy to help.

Come to The Source and Experience the Difference

We spend time with our patients. We want to know why you’ve come in, what condition you are seeking to treat, and what you are looking for from treatment. Becoming a trusted dispensary NE Portland patients can depend on takes a dedicated staff. That’s why you’ll find:

  • A staff that knows their products, uses, advantages, disadvantages, and how to match a medicine to a patient.
  • We offer an excellent selection of medicinal delivery systems and herbs for your specific needs.
  • Independently tested products that specify THC and CBD measurements under Oregon State law.
  • An environment tailored to provide patients with a comfortable and relaxed shopping experience.
  • A rotating line of products that include the latest strains, edibles, concentrates, and topicals from your favorite companies.

A Dispensary for Your Complete Cannabis Needs

Our knowledgeable staff will help you choose from our wide selection of products. Our suggestions are based on your individual needs so that we can help you find a medication that works for you.

  • Cannabis – We have great relationships with local growers and have the best product on hand. Our selection comes in a variety of strengths. From high CVB types to THC, CBG, and THCV heavier strains, our NE Portland dispensary staff will ensure you get the best medicine for your ailment.
  • Concentrates – With an increased potency over other delivery systems, this can be a good choice for those who need potent medicinal properties. A variety of consumption methods make this popular with those looking for a recreational option.
  • Edibles – For personal or medical reasons, many of our patients rely on medicinal edibles for their health. Our dispensary in NE Portland works with local producers of the best artisanal edibles to bring you a great tasting, high-quality selection.
  • Topicals – In a variety of sprays, ointments, and salves, infused topicals can provide relief for a variety of conditions. As one of the newest therapeutic options on the market, we can help you determine if topicals are right for you.

With products for every taste and knowledgeable staff, our dispensary in NE Portland has a great atmosphere as well. With a small neighborhood feel and relaxed environment, we get to know our customers on a personal level. The more patients we can help, the more pain-free our favorite city can be. You deserve the highest quality medicine from a reliable dispensary in NE Portland that cares, call or contact us today.

Canna Source is happy to serve the following neighborhoods in NE Portland:

Sumner | Montavilla | Cully | Madison South | Argay | Roseway | Russell | Park Rose | Park Rose Heights | Woodland Park 

Rockwood | Multnomah County Neighbors | Hazelwood

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